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The new standard in student feedback – launching Fall 2021

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  • Understand learners.

    Students want to share their ideas. We have reimagined feedback from a learner perspective to make sure they can.

    No survey? No worries.

    Smart tagging instead of boring surveys enables sharing in

    It’s worthwhile.

    Ownership and insights ensure professors actively engage
    with student ideas.

    Empower learning.

    Give teachers the power to inspire and make targeted decisions to ensure sustainable student success.

    Inspiring leaders

    Give teachers the power to excite through a deep understanding of learner needs.

    Targeted action

    Powerful analysis and prediction enables you to take targeted measures for effective learning.

  • Inspire effectively.

    You have the power to excite. We help you maximize ‘Aha!’ moments by understanding students better.

    Understand precisely.

    Specific and useful qualitative feedback throughout the course, smartly visualized.

    Act effectively.

    Predictive analytics and a rich context enable you to know how to act when you need to.

    Own your data.

    It is your feedback. You decide what to do.

    Full ownership.

    Control what to ask and whom to share results with.

    Fully flexible.

    Easily customize access to and visualisations of your feedback.

  • Your ideas.

    Education is your future. Be empowered to share your thoughts hassle free.

    No survey – no worries.

    Smart tagging instead of boring surveys enables sharing in seconds.


    Care about your education, not about what others think of your ideas.


    Your ideas are valuable. We make sure they are put into the spotlight immediately to enable more effective learning for you.

    Immediate focus.

    We don’t wait until its all over – your ideas are instantly presented to teachers.

    Trigger to action.

    Teachers gain smart insights and are prompted to engage – a firm nudge for change.

Sure, but why Clay?

Actually valuable

The only feedback process in the world that measures and ensures user motivation.

It’s a thing

The world’s leading institutions and professors are signing up. Be a part of the movement.

No data worries

Easily integrates with any information system – and 100% GDPR compliant.

Stop it. We’re blushing…

Some thoughts on Clay.

  • “Clay provides a very user friendly interface and I can see how it could help greatly in interacting with my students to improve the learning experience”

    Prof. Dr. Bureau, ESCP Business School
  • “Clay covers a gap in the teacher-student communication area. It is a much needed tool to enhance the learning process, and helping both students and professors with constructive and immediate feedback”

    Prof. Dr. Almendral, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • “Clay enables me to understand student needs throughout the semester. It’s easy to use and finally a tool that addresses feedback from a fresh perspective.”

    Prof. Dr. Stadtmann, Chair holder of Faculty of Economic Sciences at Europa University Viadrina (picture by Bernd Geller)
  • “With Clay my feedback is not going to vanish after submission, but I am able to see how my voice is changing the total picture. Clay is making evaluation transparent and enables joint decision making.”

    Stella Vieth, Student at University of Oxford
  • “You can’t improve what you can’t measure – Clay provides quick and easy access to valuable metrics, that are designed with the learner in mind. A wealth of information to improve the learning experience.”

    Prof. Dr. Voyer, Visiting Scholar at LSE
  • “Clay finally gives students the opportunity to have a say on what really matters to them in a quick and easy way. Win win situation, for both students and institutions.”

    Theresa, Student at IE Business School
  • “Clay makes a professional impression. The tool has what it takes to improve seminars through differentiated feedback and its simple interface. It’s approach is didactically meaningful and constructive – teachers and students can benefit equally.”

    Thomas Unruh, Senior seminar leader at the State Institute for Teacher Training (Ret.) guterunterricht.de
  • “Finally an app for students built with their needs in mind! I would describe it as: easy, quick and unbiased. I love how the team found feedback options which are very relatable and diverse at the same time.”

    Thomas Gerling, Student at Rotterdam School of Management
  • “I particularly appreciate the opportunities for dialogue between teachers and students, right from the start. Teaching evaluations must be transparent to all those involved, and this tool creates clarity through good and constantly updatable data collection and analyses.”

    Prof. Dr. Wilken, Chair of International Marketing at ESCP Business School
  • “With Clay, students will finally contribute their opinions with pleasure. Furthermore, with its adaptable multilevel structure, Clay has potential to improve research as a less tedious and more flexible alternative to current survey tools.”

    Laurenz Marten, Student at ETH Zurich
  • “Accurate feedback to teachers is an essential part of the teaching and learning experience. An easy to use and attractive app such as Clay encourages students to help improve the education we can offer them. A very good idea!”

    Vincent Smith, Assistant Professor at ESCP Business School